Enterprise Resource Planning in Small Medium Enterprise

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business resources managementEnterprise resource planning is now gaining lots of importance among the business economy. It is now being seen as an important tool for managing resources of a company both internally and externally. It is being used both for many business applications and also for many manufacturing industries.

Previously, enterprise resource planning was used only of large business companies. It required lots of money to be invested. Small scale and medium sized companies were not ready to invest a large amount for buying software and employing staffs for managing ERP software.

Keeping this in mind, ERP vendors started diversifying their enterprise resource planning software by releasing many versions of the software which could assist small companies too.

Also, small sized companies might not require all the tools and customizations available for the big companies. The ERP software got tailored particularly to meet the small sized companies and for increasing the productivity. After this, small sized business people also started buying ERP software which matched their investment amount.

From the early 1990’s ERP helped the companies in driving down their cost and also helped them in operating more efficiently. Effective data management also helped streamlining the business process effectively. Planning, manufacturing, marketing, sales and quoting services kept on improving. Stock control, financial tracking and customer service also got better with ERP. Many time consuming and labor related processes were eliminated by the small business with the usage of enterprise resource planning software.

small business ERP systemThe flexibility which ERP offers is definitely a very big advantage which interests the small business. Flexibility and the real time control over the price and the jobs are the key features for a small sized company. Concise reporting is also a main factor which decides the quality of the company.

Based on these needs, ERP vendors have made installation of the related software as very less complex with much less manual job needed. The user friendliness of the applications also got improved. Adding more users or customers will no way affect the functionality of ERP.

Many small businesses are already enjoying the benefits after successful ERP implementation. The profit of the company has certainly increased after the usage of ERP provided the implementation procedures are followed perfectly. Business which implemented ERP successfully saw their business profit increasing within one year itself.

A good ERP system comes with essential features that will provide the functionality of comparing the hours of working of the professionals and the actual hours of work which was paid as a salary. In fact, many small businesses just doubled their return on income with just using this service effectively. With this ERP, they were able to monitor the time of production, cost, employee activity, overall performance of the company and many more crucial information.

Before setting up ERP systems, small business must first identify the business requirements. The impact which the ERP is going to have on the business should be well analyzed. Cost factor involved in implementation should be set aside initially. Once the requirements are well planned, then comparison can be made on different vendors available and the vendor which provides cost effective service and be opted.

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