Significant Business Improvement with ERP Software Implementation

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business technology advancementRecent years have seen a lot of development in the global economy. Particularly, small and medium sized companies had significant development. Some of the industries which had significant amount of growth are telecommunication, software, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry. This growth has spanned many new companies and the competition has increased to a considerable amount.

Every company is looking to increase its market value. For, this they are re-looking into the factors which affect the company’s productivity and management. Every company is looking to use their resources effectively so that their business is done more effectively and efficiently. Most of the companies decides to use software which could manage their whole enterprise and the information should be available with the enterprise.

With this need, enterprise resource planning came into picture. Enterprise resource planning is a software based system which helps in managing every functionality and operation of the company. It ensures that there is proper and reliable data communication between various parts of the business units. This helped many businesses to increase their productivity and cut costs on management related funds.

business process streamliningUsage of enterprise resource planning software have helped many companies in analyst and optimize their business process, enhancing the supply chain management, efficient control of inventory, enhanced decision making by providing precise reports, integrating various business units and developing transparency all over the business.

In a typical corporation which implemented ERP successfully , the customer sales department can get access to the purchase department, inventory department data can be viewed by the sales department and the top management can see the overall structure and the work flow of the company with a single click. This is what a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software is capable of.

The impact of the enterprise resource planning can be seen evident with the company even before 12 months of implementation. With proper planning and successful implementation ERP can provide a strong platform for better productivity. The implementation of ERP helped many companies in increasing the value chain in the market. It also created confidence among its customers. Share holders also bought shares of these companies with confidence.

In previous stage before ERP comes into practice, companies used separate software for each service. Separate tools were used for sales tracking, financial management and for human resource management. Lots of employees were employed for managing separate software. This resulted in redundant technology, service was poor and the staffs found it very difficult to integrate data from these services and create a report out of it.

Critical information could be extracted from such independent software. But, with the advent of enterprise resource planning software, managing all the resources under a single system was made much easier. Also, lots of manual work involved in resource management was cut down to a large amount.

Compared to the big industries, small and medium sized industries used the ERP efficiently. In general enterprise resource planning can be used to introduce standard industry process, implementing integration across various inter related business units within the company, real time access to the information and creating analytical report with a single click.

Strategic Solutions