Keys to Successful ERP Software Implementation

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ERP Software IntergrationImplementing Enterprise resource planning software to a current working company requires lots of changes in the work flow both during and after the implementation. Lots of training should be provided to the users who are going to use the enterprise resource planning software. Separate trainings are required for different levels of the users.

Implement an enterprise resource planning software has lots of ups and downs. The anticipation that a company expects might differ. It is very essential for the ERP vendors to make sure that the anticipations of the staffs who are going to use the tool is met successfully.

Some of the essential points that should be noted during the implementation of the ERP software are as follows:
1. Effective planning and implementation :
As with any other software installation, enterprise resource planning software also requires high level of planning for the implementation. The requirements from the company which opts for installation should be taken and customizations should be done accordingly. The customers should also ask for more templates based on the skills of the staff.

Templates are better used to reduce the time involved in customizing the tool manually. Before implementing a template, the impact which the template poses on the work flow should also be well determined. The changes to the template should also be done proactively. Instead of dwelling on the changes, templates which have customizable feature can be readily used.

2. Training :
Similar to the customization in the implementation, the vendor of enterprise resource planning software should also decide on customizing the training needs. It is always better to choose the vendor who has lots of experience in implementing the ERP to similar companies. These types of vendors will have more knowledge and they have better understanding of the business and try to fit in the ERP’s smartly and easily.

Based on their experience, they also know the right path of training to be provided. Most vendors would have a general session for explaining the whole ERP system architecture on user level. Then, separate trainings will held based on the nature of work they are going to do using ERP.

3. Mock live experience :
Mock live experience is a live training before starting operations. For performing this mock live experience, ERP would be implemented on some of the systems and trainings are given to the staff so that they can get an idea about what they are going to work. They can better understand the platform. The hands-on experience will definitely throw some light on their understanding of ERP. Mock live experience also helps the staffs for providing valuable points on customization before enterprise resource planning software gets fully implemented in their company.

4. Anticipation management :
Anticipation management is one of the essential keys for an effective ERP implementation. Staff should have a clear understanding of the daily routine work with the ERP.

5. Follow up and support :
Experts of ERP should always be present in the site where ERP is used to handle problematic situations.

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